Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jungle of the Headless - Day 3

Day 3 shaped up to be quite productive from my scavanging. I headed north and brought back to the town numerous twisted planks, cans, some cement, and a compact detonator.

Construction has been trickling along, although our citizens need to inject more AP into our defenses. AP appears to be spread over the primitive catapult, the scanner, and great wall strengthening. Given our current status, constructing the great wall strengthening should be our top priority. There are an approximated 60-90 zombies attacking tonight, with our town only having 60 points of defense.

I semi-intentionally infected myself by eating a meaty bone to staunch my hunger. Some friends are wanting to start a coalition in a new town, and so I figured I will see if I get infected :)

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